• RSB Moisture Retention Shampoo
  • RSB Deep Treatment Masque
  • RSB Extra-Moisture Transitioning Milk
  • Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie
  • RSB Reconstructive Elixir

Styling Tips:

  1. For a gentle cleanse, start with RSM Moisture Retention Shampoo. This sulfate free shampoo will soften and moisturize hair as it cleanses.
  2. Towel dry. Divide hair into 4-6 sections. Apply Masque from roots to end. With a large tooth-comb, start at the ends comb hair to roots. Clip each section. For a deep treatment sit under heating cap or apply moist heat with steamer for 30 mintutes.
  3. Before rinsing detangle hair again. Rinse, but leave a little conditioner in the hair.
  4. For added elasticity, moisture and manageability add a dime size amount of the Transitioning Milk to each section thoroughly.
  5. With the Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie, styling cream, add small amount to create bold two strand chunky twists. Apply Smoothie from roots to ends. Allow hair to dry.  Style twists into an elegant up-do.

For a dazzling look, open chucky twists and separate sections for fullness. To get greater fullness use a afro-pick to lift hair at the roots, creating volume and texture. For a brilliant shine use RSB Reconstructive Elixir.