Tips From Celebrity Stylist, Diane Bailey!

Diane Bailey

Bailey is an award-winning natural hair care expert who has styled international icons like Lauryn Hill, among others! We caught up with Diane to get some of her mane wisdom and tips on how we can use the very affordable SheaMoisture line for our styling and maintenance needs. SheaMoisture Hair Care is available at Target, Walgreens and CVS stores. Check out her sage advice about weave styling.

Hype Hair: How long should you keep a sew-in in before getting a new one? Should you rest your hair and let it breathe between sew-ins, or is it okay to get them back-to-back?

Diane: In general, a weave can last up to two months without causing damage, breakage or matting. Depending on your natural texture or coil pattern, some weaves may be worn up to three months without causing dry scalp, itching, odor or matting.

When women wear weaves continuously and dont allow the hair to rest in between services, natural hair can become profoundly damaged. The hair and scalp requires water, moisture, nutrients, sebum/oil and just some good old fashioned TLC. Your natural hair can weaken, become dry, mesh, mat and/or break without regular nurturing hair care.

Hair Tip: While wearing a weave, regularly moisturizing the hair and massaging the scalp gently for circulation will help maintain your natural hairs health and avoid scalp irritation. Lightly spray SheaMoisture Raw Shea Reconstructive Elixir ($9.99; 4 oz.) biweekly to keep your natural hair hydrated while wearing a weave. Apply lightly to the entire scalp and on to the track base. It is important to keep your scalp and your hair moist and lubricated while contained within the restrictions of the tracks. This elixir contains raw shea butter and Argan oil, which bathe the hair and scalp with moisture and fatty acids.