The 10 Commandments to Preserving Your Curls

Thy shall have a great leave in conditioner to smooth down the cuticle to reduce frizz.
Thy shall stop shampooing daily, curly, kinky hair require daily hydration and shampooing daily strips all the natural oils your hair needs to stay soft and resilient.
Thy shall make your own personalized cocktail. To make a great hydrating cocktail add SheaMoisture C&H Styling Milk with 10 drops of SM Shea Oil with 3oz of distilled water in a spray bottle. Shake until solution has a milky consistency. Spray in your hair daily to rehydrate as often as necessary to reduce frizz
Condition, condition and condition again. Weekly conditioning treatment with SheaMoisture SuperFruit Hydrating Masque will reduce frizz by feeding and closing the cuticle.
Thy shall not brush your hair when dry. Always put a lubricating oil or a leave in conditioner before brushing curly/coily hair.
Thy shall avoid direct heat on curl. Always dry hair with diffused heat. Use a hood dryer or a diffuser to gently dry curls.
Thy shall co wash hair to cleanse and preserve moisture to reduce frizz.
Thy shall apply SheaMoisture High Porosity Styling Gel to preserve curl that last for days.
Thy shall avoid direct sun /uv rays that totally extract the natural oils and moisture from hair.
Thy shall get a trim seasonally, that means once every 3 months, or seasonally, to reduce slit ends and frizzy curls.